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TM2 World League 2

Post  Francos on Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:38 am

Guys, we have to hurry if we want to do TWL2.

the registrations for TWL2 are now open! Here are a few infos for the schedule and those of you who are new to the World League:

* TM² World League 2 is played in teams, in 3vs3 mode. A rough indication of the seeding for the division will be drawn from the results of TWL0/TWL1.
* Match day is Wednesday, 20:30h ET Server Time, starting at the 26th of September 2012.
* Maps are released on Mondays, 9 days in advance to the next match. First mappack release: 17th of September 2012.
* There are two round maps in each pack, which are played until 7 points, and one lap map, which is played until 5 points.
* The league is played in parallel to the TM² Nations Cup 2, where the match day is on Monday, two days before the according TWL match, played on the same maps. That league is played by national teams representing their country.

* The team captain of each clan/squad has to create a team on this page and send the password to his members, who can join the team here. Each player needs an ET forum account and must join his team on this page.
* Minimum team size is 6, maximum is 50.

Now, we wish all of you a lot of fun, and a lot of success in the second edition of TM² World League!

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