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ShyGuy Yes or no?

Post  LuonD" on Tue May 01, 2012 11:16 am

Sry guys!!
Pls give me the last chance¨
Yes or no?


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Re: ShyGuy Yes or no?

Post  Extreme! daniel<3 on Tue May 01, 2012 12:05 pm

Please ShyGuy, the first time you joined us i gave you a site with rules.
1 of the rules was : 'Don't let other people in the clan or promise people that they can join us.'
You let someone in our clan without asking us, and gave him the tag.
You also said Extreme was your clan, and I corrected you, but you didn't listen.
We banned you cause you didn't listen, but we gave you a second chance.
Most clans wouldn't give you a second chance, so you was already lucky, but you still don't listen to the rules.
I gave you for the second time a site with rules, I mailed you the rules, I said them ingame (Erik also) but you made the same mistake again.
You bother other people to join us, that is no good advertisment if they don't wan't and you keep asking them.
That is not your job, you was member, so it has no use if we give you a third chance.
The first two times you knew the rules and you broke them, so you would do the same the third time.
So you don't get in again, and I already talked to Erik.

Extreme! daniel<3

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